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Connections Chat Line is an easy to use, FREE chat line for men and women to meet, chat, and connect live with each other. On Connections Chat Line, you can browse hundreds of personal greetings from exciting people in your area, and you can even connect live 1-on-1 with them in a private chat connection. Whether you are an experienced chat line user or calling for the first time, we want you to have a great experience with our service. Our chat line is simple to use, with easy to understand prompts and options to guide you through the chat line.

When using our system, if you have questions on anything, we want to help! You can contact us by email at or you can leave a voice mail on our 24/7 support line at 1-866-778-5671.

No matter how you contact us, we will get back to you with the support you need to enjoy our service.

Tips for using the Connections Chat Line

Have Fun!

Connections is a place to meet new people, so be yourself, be creative, be outgoing, and have fun. The more fun and outgoing you are, the more people will want to chat with you.

Remember to speak clearly

When chatting on Connections Chat Line, you will be speaking to people talking on all types of phones. As such be sure to speak clearly into the phone when recording your greeting, or sending a message on the chat line. |

Protect Your Private Information

Connections Chat Line does not release any information to the other people calling into the system about you.The only information Connections callers know about you is what you share with them. Be sure to keep private information such as your full name, phone number, street address private. Connections offers free voice mail boxes on our system. Please be safe and give out a mailbox number instead of your personal phone number.

Remember to play it safe when meeting people

CONNECTIONS CHAT does not screen or investigate individuals who use our free chat lines and makes no representation as to their character. All opinions, claims and representations are those of the chat line user and are not subject to investigation or verification by Connections Chat. We are not responsible for the consequences of any contact you have with such individuals. Any meeting with or involvement with any person or persons as a result of contact through the Connections Chatline is solely at the risk of the meeting parties. We strongly recommend that you meet people for the first time in a neutral public place such as a restaurant, coffee shop, or shopping mall.. Always tell a friend where you are going and your plans. Remember, release your last name, phone number, and place of employment only when you feel comfortable.

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